Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Does anyone do prayer meeting any more?

Tonight was Aji Church Prayer Meeting...

Just now I mentioned it to a friend and then thought to myself "I wonder if they'll understand me?"

When I was a little girl my father's rule of thumb for determining a good church was Sunday School - even in the summer, Sunday Morning Worship service (of course!), Sunday Evening Service and Mid-week Prayer Meeting. Any church without one of these 4 meetings didn't pass muster. But it seems like so many N. American churches don't have Prayer Meeting any more...

In Aji we still have Prayer Meeting. We could call it "Small Group" I suppose... afterall, it is a small group and it even meets in a home. Of course, there's only one small group and most of the congregation comes! There's just one family that doesn't.

However, we like the old-fashioned phrase "prayer meeting" because it reminds us that our primary purpose on Wednesday evenings is to pray. We sing three hymns (favorites) and we read a chapter of the Bible together... but mostly we pray for each other.

When I think of all the trouble we've seen - and prayed for - over the years , I think that's why we're still going strong.

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