Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Man I Admire

I started a new book tonight... "In the Shadow of the Moon." It started with a joke. A friend thinks its odd that I always notice the full moon - but I like walking under a full moon! - so he gave us "From the Earth to the Moon" (DVD set) for Christmas. Quite frankly, I've been impressed with the character of many of the men in the space program. Like this description of John Young in the book I'm reading tonight:

"Young would sit in silence, absorbing the opinions being offered, and the others attending the meeting would assume he had nothing of importance to add. Then, toward the end of the meeting, Young would gently make a point so devastatingly precise that they would realize he was ahead of them all."

Why can't I be like this?!


Anonymous said...

I also would like to be ahead of them all...always right and insightful...quiet and precise...perfect. Where is the room of God's grace? Where is the companionship of the journey, when we are always ahead of the others? It's not for us, my friend-as Mrs Clements said to me once when I was wailing to her about one thing or another, "Others can, but YOU may not." There was actually an entire poem!
I guess at some point I should really register as a commenter on your blog, since I keep posting comments, but it is a bit beyond me, and then I have to remember yet another password. Strange, how I can remember the fractionalized dosing of heart medication for babies, but not my own passwords. Anne Trepanier

Laurie Elliot said...

"Others may, you cannot." THAT brings back memories! I looked it up on the internet after you wrote...

BTW, if I were to follow the advice on password protection I would be equally handicapped! I'm afraid I have a limited repertoire for the same reason - a limited memory.