Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More pics

Daughter #1 (Anna) sent more photos of her little charmer last night.

"Ball" was among Erin's uncle's first words, right up there with "outs" - meaning "I want to go outside!" Erin's grandfather must have figured "Like Father, like Daughter" and bought Luke's daughter Grace a ball before she could walk! (By the time Grace started toddling her father was already teaching her to play soccer.) So I guess its not surprising that Erin is playing ball already, too.

Of course, climbing all over their Daddy is almost everybody's favorite game. (I think that eventually this game turns into some version of "Horsie".)

But I guess at this stage of Erin's life playing is still a tiring business.


It seems that quite a few things must be a tiring business!

But maybe not eating!

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