Wednesday, March 05, 2008

From the archives - Part 1

Transferring to a new computer always seems to involve a lot of a "housecleaning" and unearths long buried files. I had fun rereading this:

NEWS FLASH # 1: LETA’S ENGAGEMENT February 4, 2004

Most of you know that Leta has a boyfriend, Adam Smith, and that he is visiting her for a month during his winter break from University. (Because his class is going to Europe in the summer they have this semester off.) That's why Sarah is at Leta's place right now. Adam actually stays at the church, but they wanted Sarah there because he visits Leta's apartment in the evenings and they wanted a "chaperone". (Sarah is very much enjoying the position!)

Anyway, Adam phoned on Friday or Saturday to say that he would like to marry Leta. And he proposed to her on Saturday - on the way home from a ramen shop!

Adam & Leta at Leta's Grad Banquet in 2003

He had brought a ring from Canada, and was keeping it in his backpack. (He told the girls that he was beginning to feel like Gollom in "Lord of the Rings" - always checking the backpack to see how the ring was keeping.)

Leta wrote on Monday to make sure we knew. I was esp. happy to read this paragraph.

It has been very wonderful having him here and being able to see all the ways in which he has grown and matured not only as a person, but in his faith as well. It has also been good to find time to talk about issues that we needed to talk about and make sure we agree about . . . I am very glad that he waited as long as he did to propose, I don't think I would have been ready for it yet last week!
They won't be able to get married for awhile - he's in school in Canada and she's in Japan working off her debts. (Fortunately she didn't borrow much money until the last year of University.) We're just as happy to see them prove their "staying power" with a longer engagement.

They covet your prayers.

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