Wednesday, March 05, 2008

From the archives - Part 2

NEWS FLASH # 2: LUKE ENGAGEMENT February 4, 2004

Most of you know that Luke fell MADLY in love at Anna's wedding with an old Bible School classmate of his. In his words, "This may seem like an abrupt development for some, but after a brief period of renewed e-mail correspondence we met briefly at my sister's wedding in Hakodate where, in a moment of clarity, I realized that in MY universe Yuko is the most wonderful woman in the world." (I think I might have passed on this much to you already.)

Time frame... "We are casually working out details related to our timeline and sequence of events such as nature of official proposal, timing of official engagement, and formally asking her parents' permission etc. The actual wedding date is a little problematic since I don't know where I'll be spending my first year in Japan, and her contract with the hospital continues to March 2005." I haven't heard directly since this email but I think from Yuko's mail that they've already spoken to her parents - she reports that her parents remembered Luke from when they visited USA in 1995 and they are VERY HAPPY.

The boy who thought he could never get married
with "the most wonderful woman in the world"

We got an email from Yuko yesterday - addressed to Dear Mr. and Mrs. Elliot ( my parents-in-law to be:) - and I had to laugh at this bit "I think he is so much more comfortable talking to me in emails than on phone calls:) - he is SO intelligent, in his emails I often discover new English words that I never knew existed in the world." I think everyone but Anna has phone phobia, and Luke does like big words! I can still remember reading Beatrix Potter to him as a two year old and watching him roll those big words over his tongue. (Luke writes in English and Yuko writes in Japanese.)

For me, the most gratifying part of Yuko's email, though, was this paragraph, "Luke and I have many many similar "likes/wants", but the most important thing for me was whether he had a heart for the ministry to Japanese (young) people or not, and I'm VERY VERY thankful that he does:) We have similar ideas of ministry:) In this I couldn't lower my standard for the one I will marry."

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