Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Home!

Last week Mary and I joined 5 students (most of the others in our Bible Study were busy with graduation) from Hirosaki for the KGK Spring Retreat, March 11 -14. Even after falling ill and feeling squeezed by our overpacked schedule it was an event well worth attending.

This spring it was at the Shion Kinshuko Baptist Campgrounds again. That's where it was in Spring 2003 and since that was my very first KGK activity I have rather warm feelings. But that's not the only reason... I grew up in the same Baptist Convention and actually remember when they built the camp in 1968 - I didn't imagine then that I would ever see it!

Naoki (and Mitsuki) from our Hirosaki KGK Group went by train

Since the Elliot family van died awhile back and we didn't all fit in Mary's little car, Naoki and Mitsuki took the slow train. The journey is part of the experience - there's a certain camaraderie that develops.

On my heart!

I've always felt a special kinship with students and they are very much on my heart... some I've known since childhood, some I've learned to care about very quickly when I realize that they're where I used to be...

Slide show

This year's theme - I'm Home

I knew it was a good camp but I was doubly blessed listening to the Hirosaki students on Sunday night - and then again on Monday and Tuesday at various parties. It's the graduation/party season! But the testimony that probably meant the most was that of the young lady who finally realized that we don't have to die to go "home" because our home is in God.

We can truly say "I'm home!" NOW.

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