Monday, August 17, 2009

Give me some meat!

As we discussed what truths we had taken home from the worship service today the young lady who was my conversational partner mentioned that she finds repetitive singing boring and therefore stops singing after a few rounds in order to keep insincerity from creeping in.

I was still contemplating her comment, "I've learned to let my mind wander in useful directions," and didn't quite catch the context when she burst out, "I'm hungry!" At first I thought she'd changed her mind about waiting awhile for dinner, but soon realized she wasn't talking about lunch at all when she continued "I want to say, 'So don't give me your own fluffy thoughts, give me some meat!'"

These are thoughts I've heard from a number of the young people in my life lately...

So why the baby food?


Linda said...

Abso-blooming-lutely! I'm with her 100%, but "she is more righteous than I" because I have to continually repent of being judgemental.

Is your conversation partner Japanese? I had come to think they could do more repetition than the average bear - I mean, American, which is nicely defined by - ME! ;-)

Anonymous said...

At the service I attend, we sing the old skool hymns, which I like the best, for the hour-long communion service. The hymns have layers upon layers of scriptural references, and, for me personally, it reinforces my knowledge of the Word by presenting it in a musical avenue.

For the preaching service, which is bigger and has unbelievers in the audience, we use instruments like the guitar, bass, and drums along with the contemporary gospel songs. I personally find those song utterly mindless and severely lacking in scriptural references, and, if they do have any, they are lacking meaningful context. And, as someone who had studied piano theory for about ten years since the age of seven, I find the musical composition wack.

My working theory is that these songs cater to either an audience of modern unbelievers who have no familiarity with the scriptures or believers who don't read their Bibles regularly.