Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When I can't (or shouldn't) do it all

" ... just because we are able to do something doesn't constitute a call from God to do it."

I've been thinking about that for a month now - in relation to someone else. But what about me? As the day for the KGK (translate IVF) Christmas Party approached it finally occurred to me that I couldn't put energy into inviting AND cooking in the middle of an already busy life.

KGK is, after all, supposed to be "student led" and although I am technically a student I don't think I'm what KGK founders had in mind when they said "student led". So I started concentrating on the cooking and prayed that God would show me his power by working through the students.

And He did! I could have shouted for joy when Daniel and his 3 guests walked in the door - and maybe I did:-) - because with him was the young man who sits kitty corner from me in Beginning Chinese II A.

This is the core group
taken after we'd sent the guests home & cleaned up

I like what a colleague wrote recently: "When we decline a request she (author of "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World") suggested praying for the person God has chosen for that task. ...As we enter that time of year where almost everyone gets over-extended, I hope you'll find your prayer life enriched even when you have to say, "No."


*cq* said...

thanks. i have quite a few "no" s to distribute. been wondering how best to deliver them without feeling guilty nor making the other party feel bad.

Tim and Susan said...

Good challenge and a great reminder. Merry Christmas.