Thursday, January 07, 2010

Raising children who love church

I always love watching Ogawa Son #3 when he gets his chance to be "big brother"... with 2 brothers and a sister above him and a very independently minded little sister, it doesn't happen very often! But at the snow camp he got his chance.

Ogawa Son #3 with Hamada Son #2

At first I just thought it was really cute to see him with his arm around the little fellow and their heads bent together...

In the front row... Ogawa Son # 1 with Hamada Son #1

But when the speaker mentioned how well the children were paying attention to his rather long messages... I realized that this is how children come to love church.

When the big kids take care of the little kids

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Aaron said...

I enjoyed taking care of the little kids. I miss doing that now that I'm back at Moody. For most of the time, I'm surrounded by a bunch of college students. I suppose there are little kids at the church that I go to now so I should hang out with them more. Thanks for putting up the slideshow. It was nice remembering all the fun things we did.