Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow Camp - worth it!

I was strung tighter than a rubber band by the second day of Snow Camp... but once supper was over and I'd had a good hot bath, I relaxed and realized that I'd been having a good time all along with everyone else. I think they were all pretty relaxed from the beginning with good food, good messages, good fun...

Snow Camp at Aomori Christian Center, January 3-5th
The fact that we had no teens - when we were used to having mostly teens! - and so many small children at first gave the impression that there weren't as many people as usual. But there were actually twenty-one of us. One family had never been to an ACC camp and they left full of vision for what a blessing an interchurch camp can be - that alone would have been worth it all. But there was also a lot of bonding going on with long (and important) talks among the adults and everyone (except the mothers - they were having a break!) playing hard with the children.
We ended with one last burst of camaraderie as we pushed all the non-4wd cars up the drive and waved good bye.

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Aaron said...

Snow camp was a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting me to come.