Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm rich

We’ve had lots of good news lately... not the least of which was our son’s appointment as Residence Don at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. It seems a good fit.

Son with daughters 美信 Faith and 恵真Grace

But the news that made my day was when his wife wrote to say: The other day, Wycliffe College had a time to give many different unique awards to people at Wycliffe, and our Grace and Faith got the award of "Best attendance of Chapel" !! - But I think this award actually goes to Luke, because he put so much effort into teaching them how important and wonderful it is to attend the chapel and to participate in the service/worship. So I was VERY proud of them receiving this award.

Most people don’t think a child can sit through... let alone enjoy(!) even one service on Sunday morning. But these children attend not only two worship services every Sunday but also chapel every day, morning and evening.

Because my father thought like my son, I too learned as a child that it was both important and WONDERFUL to attend and participate in (adult) worship services. Now I am rich with beautiful memories of those (many) services I attended as a child.

I rejoiced with those who said to me,

"Let us go to the house of the LORD." Ps 122:1


Tim and Susan said...

So glad for Yu and Lu! I too have great memories of church services...hymns, songs, messages and fellowship; all so rich.

Bonnie said...

Hi Laurie and John,

This is Bonnie Kung from SA Canada! I receive your updates and prayer letters through the office. We have been praying for your ministries. This is an interesting picture! I am actually the one on the left hand side, with the black and white strip shirt.

Congratulation on another grandchild! =)

Laurie (and John) Elliot said...

Thanks, Bonnie. And thank you for your prayers, too.