Monday, November 29, 2010


On Saturday Daughter # 3 and her young man made their vows "before God and these witnesses." The witnesses were a pretty special lot of people.

From Renee's album (I'm glad our friends carry cameras!)

Over the years we have often talked about the importance of a wedding as right of passage and how doing things in the wrong order kind of screws up the significance. Daughter # 3 did things in the right order and it really did make the wedding extra special.She has always said you can see the look of anticipation on the faces and it did seem she was right. Anyway she was shiningly beautiful and he was so cute... nervous and happy. I think my favorite moment was when she took his hands and whispered "大丈夫!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, the beauty of a modest, simple celebration to begin life together-you are blessed. I pray for such celebrations with our sons and their future partners, and remember ours.

Sue said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous, elegant couple they make. I can't wait to see more photos - keep them coming! Noyuri will be so happy to hear that you were able to make use of her painting.