Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The inequities of life

When our children were small one oft repeated piece of Elliot wisdom was, "Life isn't fair, Princess." And truly it isn't.

Life is good, but not fair - we don't all get the same cards! Some people get good cards and play them well, some people get good cards and play them badly. And truthfully, some people get bad cards which they may play badly... or they may play them well and win afterall.

My husband is down in Iwate again. In one of his earlier reports he said, "The eeriest thing is the abrupt line between the totally destroyed and the completely untouched. How will people process this? Half the town lost everything, the rest 'got off easy'; at least, it must seem so to the locals... "

Tsunami Damage Along the Iwate Coastline

Last week my husband wrote up some reflections:

Yesterday he wrote Back to the Seaside and the photos above were taken to accompany that report. Looking at the photos one wants to echo his final question: "Who will clean up this colossal mess?"

And how will people process it? Will they play these "bad" cards well?

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-J said...

I really appreciated these non-sensationalized reports. Praying for all believers in Japan these days... for strength, wisdom and grace.