Friday, March 09, 2012

# 13 Cyber Hymnal

Judah 基

Today I watched Judah for a couple of hours while his mother was off to the Community Bible Study with the baby and big sister Faith in tow. (Big sister Grace was in kindergarten.)

After exhausting my usual repertoire I pulled out my computer and turned to Cyber Hymnal. Judah thought this was very entertaining.

I looked up the hymn “God is Still on the Throne” which I referred to yesterday. The chorus, quoted in David Michell’s book is very good, but I like this stanza:

Have the ones that once walked on the highway
Gone back, and you seem all alone?
Keep your eyes on the prize,
for the home in the skies;
God is still on the throne.

I discovered it was written by Kittie Suffield, the same woman who wrote “Little Is Much When God Is In It,”  a hymn that helped me through some very hard times when the place we’re called to labor did indeed “seem too small and little known.”

I also found another hymn of Mrs. Suffield’s, “We Are Well Able” .  The last verse goes:

There’s no thirsting for old Egypt, since we’re in this way,
And we care not what the critics or the ten spies say;
For the land abounds in plenty, and we’re here to stay,
Won’t you come and join us, brother, enter in today?

Refrain: We are able to go up and take the country,
And possess the land from Jordan to the sea;
And, though giants tall be there our way to hinder,
God will surely give the victory.

Its such a right rollicking tune that Judah danced round and round the room. As for me…. it was just what I needed today! An assurance that God will give us the good things he promised. I’ve been so concerned about a car (or rather the lack thereof!)

The good old hymns at Cyber Hymnal are like that – so full of encouragement and rich with Biblical imagery. So I have spent many, many happy hours at Cyber Hymnal learning “new” (to me) hymns that add  richness to my life.

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