Monday, December 07, 2015

And then we fell off the cliff!

I now have no memory now of what inspired the words,  “Suddenly we find ourselves wondering will our lives go on this way? or take a turn in an unforeseen direction?”  (See “Unfinished People in God’s Middle Time”)

But they seem to have been prophetic.

Two weeks later our lives took a turn so unexpected that I felt as if I had fallen off a cliff.

Perhaps I did.

But God was there.

Don’t get me wrong I still sing the second verse of Brian Doerkson’s version of 121 from the heart.

Oh, how I need You Lord, You are my only hope
You're my only prayer
So I will wait for You to come and rescue me
To come and give me life.


But now I can also sing again that song we call the OMF anthem:

How good is the God we adore,
Our faithful unchangeable friend!
His love is as great as His power,
And knows neither measure nor end!

’Tis Jesus the First and the Last,
Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home,
We’ll praise Him for all that is past,
And trust Him for all that’s to come.

I think its time for me to give God credit for what He’s done. (And so pave the way to trust Him for what’s to come!)

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Marny Watts said...

I love this Laurie! And it reminds me so much of Ann Voskamp's profound insight in One Thousand Gifts that "eucharisteo" (thanksgiving) always precedes the miracle". (p. 35) and "Prayer, to be prayer, to have any power to change anything, must first speak thanks...." (p.60) So grateful the Lord is giving you rest and hope and joy again.