Thursday, May 12, 2016

God is Kind

Yesterday I wrote, “God doesn’t shame. He lifts heads.”

I haven’t read all the books my husband has read on the subject.  His “favorite” was Jeff Van Vonderen’s Tired Of Trying To Measure Up. Although I wonder if favorite is the way to describe a book he once threw at the wall in frustration.

And I didn’t read shame expert Brene Brown’s books either. (Although I did watch her rather interesting video lectures on vulnerability, shame and empathy.)

But for a while now I have been collecting verses about shame (as well as other topics of interest) in a little book my daughter-in-law gave me. 

There are a lot of them!

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There are prayers like Psalms 31:1:  “In you, LORD, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame; deliver me….”  This particular one is oft repeated!

But there are also beautiful promises like Psalm 34:5  “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

And there whole chapters like Psalm 35, Psalm 70, Psalm 40:11-17…. and more.

Today it struck me that Psalm 25 is really good! We probably should have sung it yesterday.

25 A (Psalm 25:1-7)

1. To You I lift my soul;

LORD God, in You I trust.

O do not let me suffer shame;

And let my foes not boast.

Yes, those who wait on You

No shame will ever see;

Let shame be theirs who without cause

Behave with treachery.

2. Instruct me in Your paths;

LORD, make me know Your way.

Teach me and make me follow You,

That in Your truth I’ll stay;

Since You have been my God,

The One who rescues me,

For You I’m waiting all the day;

I wait expectantly. 


3. Your tender mercies, LORD,

Your steadfast love recall,

For these are things that have endured

Throughout the ages all.

My youthful sins, my faults,

Do not bring these to mind;

O LORD, remember me in love,

For You are good and kind. 

It is so easy to just quickly skim through the lyrics. Go back now and try singing it. The tune is here: Psalter.Org

Although I recommend learning it from the very good album “Communion” which can be bought as a download from Crown and Covenant. (You can also download a PDF file of the lyrics - for free.)


I love the last two lines.

O LORD, remember me in love,

For You are good and kind. 

He remembers me in love! And surrounded by God’s tender mercies I need not fear shame.

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