Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Serendipitous coincidence – God in my life!

This morning my niece FBed me this poster.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 21.47.40

Our brief and unexciting “conversation” was as follows:

Me: Uncle John and I read this in devotions today! Very comforting!

She:  I was reading this as well, really encouraging.

Just a little co-incidence. But it kept me in mind of the reading all day. And these are words to sustain:

The LORD will keep you from all evil;

he will keep your life.

The LORD will keep

your going out and your coming in

from this time forth and forevermore. (Ps. 121:7,8)

I had a similar experience as I crawled into bed last night and started through the Prayer Mate with John.

My eyes flooded with tears and I could hardly get the words out as I prayed:

O LORD God, arise and have pity on us!

Surely it is time to favor us! Surely the appointed time is come!

Do not turn a deaf ear to us. We call to you our Rock. Hear our cry for mercy – … and the lifting of our heads.

Maybe you don’t recognize the words. But they are right out of my blog post from yesterday. It felt like God was saying to me, “Yes, I will lift your head.”


As yet, just a promise. But surely He will do it!

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