Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The One who lifts my head

Today was a Psalm singing sort of day. No sun. Full of frustration that brought to mind that old Yiddish saying, “If God lived on earth people would break his windows.”

We sang 79B, 85A, 124, 70A (Oh yes, LORD!), 50A, 10B, 62A (O yes!), 140A. And as always, we came back to 3B.

You are my shield and glory, LORD;

You are the One who lifts my head.

I cried out, “LORD!” His answer came,

Yes, from His holy hill it sped.

The One who lifts my head.

God doesn’t shame. He lifts heads.

To be honest. I wish His answer would come speeding from His holy hill tonight!

But we’ve been listening to Kenichi Nakagawa’s messages on Genesis in Ajigasawa Church lately. And I think its pretty clear that it doesn’t pay to rush God!


Deliverance comes from the LORD;

He works salvation – as He will.

O may the blessing You have shown

Be granted to your people still.

We wait on You, LORD. We want Your blessing.

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