Sunday, February 18, 2007

Goodbye, Joy


Ajigasawa High School

where Joy has spent the last 6 months learning Japanese

Joy's Goodbye speech on her last day of school

The Elliot Family (& Matthew)

Of course, there was a ceremony!

And the principal gave her a certificate.

That night two friends came by for supper

and a last goodbye.

Ajigasawa Church Goodbye

Unfortunately only one of the ladies could make it.

Joy in Mary's kimono

The Ajigasawa Church ladies last gift to Joy was this formal portrait

from Iwakawa Studio in Goshogawara.

Hanging around Hirosaki MacDonald's

...waiting for the bus

... to take Joy away.

This is the end of Joy's homestay with the Elliot Family in Ajigasawa. But "The End is really the middle of the story, as many in this chapter will live long past the close" of this chapter in Joy's life. She heads back to Brazil today. Then on to college. And who knows, perhaps one day we'll welcome her back to Japan as a colleague! May God speed you on your way, Joy.

In the meantime, I wonder who is knocking on our door...


David said...

Hi Laurie,

Looking at the photo of Joy and her two friends, I think I taught both of her friends when they were in shogakko.

I feel old now... (-_-;

Laurie Elliot said...

You know what, David? I think you did teach them! They're first year high school students. Nagisa is from Ashiachi and Azusa is from Wano so I guess she went to Maito. Which schools did you teach at?

PS Guess how old I feel when I see my children's grey hairs?!

David said...

Hi Laurie,

I taught Azusa at Maito, and Nagisa at Nakamura. They were both good students.
Azusa belonged to a class that was famous for being poorly behaved. I dreaded teaching that class every week, but Azusa was an excellent student. Nagisa's class was super nice- they organized a party for all their teachers when they graduated elementary school. They hand-made all the food and presents for the party.

It's kinda funny seeing them in uniforms (^_^)

Laurie Elliot said...

They're still good students.