Monday, March 15, 2010

That Wal-Mart baby movie (again)...

My husband and son Skype a fair bit these days... First the girls ask to be shown every cat in our house. There are 4 cats. Then they spend the duration showing us every book in their living room! (The men calmly talk around the children's "meowing" and hurtling bodies. )

Books! We all love books! 33 years later my mother still talks about how I cried when my 6 month old son wouldn't pay attention when I read to him. But he's been reading ever since - in fact, I'm quite sure he even read to his 6 month old babies in their turn!

Faith and Emma with recent favorites

And that's what was wrong with the Wal-Mart baby movie. The second time through I realized there were no books! That is all wrong.
Novalee looked around her at a room filled with books. Books stacked in the corners, standing on her dresser, crammed into her headboard, pushed into a bookcase. And in the library, Forney's library, there were more. More books... more stories... more poems. And suddenly, Novalee knew - knew what she hadn't known before. She wasn't who she had been. She would never again be who she was before.
- from "Where The Heart Is" by Billie Letts

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Anonymous said...

Ha, that looks just like what my nephew does with his books, except Lesley won't tolerate him throwing books around like that! She makes him put books back on the shelf before selecting a new one. Of course, I let him throw books around because that's what I do with my books. I'm not very good at enforcing my sister's rules unless they involve diet or manners.

I believe Alex James and Faith have the same birthday, July 19, 2008, right? We gotta get these two together! (joke!)