Saturday, March 24, 2012

# 25 All things Chinese

Yesterday we went on an expedition. I’d forgotten about expeditions with small children. We took the kids to Chinatown for Bubble Tea this afternoon. It was A MAJOR undertaking ...and they didn't like bubble tea!

2012-03-22 3-26 PM

We had fun anyway. It just meant changing my expectations – and drinking A LOT of Bubble Tea!

I’ve had a fascination for things Chinese ever since I can remember. Perhaps it began with my mother’s penchant for Chinese Restaurants – we always brought the chopsticks home.

I still love Chinese food (and Bubble Tea!)  But my Chinese heritage is much, much richer…

There are the people I never met but who were key in forming my ideals as a teen…  Hudson Taylor, Isobel Kuhn, Watchman Nee (although I don’t know what I’d think of him now), my heroines “the China Trio”.

CIM (China Inland Mission) missionaries continued to figure highly in my life as I entered adulthood…  “the China Hands” at the OMF Prayer Meetings (all elderly but still so amazing), David Michell of A Boy’s War, … this list could be very long.

There’s much more…. the language (now that’s rich!) which I’ve been studying for four years now, the CIM/OMF archives with the artifacts, old books  and “China Millions” magazines.

It’s a rich, rich heritage of faith and beauty.

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