Monday, March 05, 2012

# 9 My children’s children

Reading 1

Last year (I don’t have a camera with me)

I can hear my son reading to his children.

He’s reading “On the Bank of Plum Creek” from the Little House series. How many times did we read those books to our kids?!

A few minutes ago I heard him singing “Day is Dying in the West” … not a common hymn and less so in these days when even the common hymns are disappearing. But this hymn  is rich with imagery and singing it every night added a richness to our lives.

Rituals… Morning rituals, family devotions, meal time rituals, evening rituals,story time. Traditions…. reading to our children the wonderful books that our parents read to us!

I love seeing which rituals/traditions each child is passing on to the next generation.

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